Intelligent systems for
speed reducer monitoring

Zanini Renk's online monitoring system Checkmax® has been specially developed for controls and measurements, fully integrated with TI and TA networks, for critical variables in gearboxes and increasers.

Zanini Renk is committed to taking care of the monitored equipment, thus allowing accurate data analysis, increasing equipment availability, minimizing unscheduled downtime and increasing operational reliability. After online data collection and analysis, action plans are prepared, as well as preventive and / or corrective maintenance

Spot Management

Checkmax® allows through filters, cross data and diagnose possible failures in the equipment, components and even operational. The platform also allows us to predict the behavior of the variables, register of the frequency of failures and spectrum analysis, with three lower and higher levels of alarm, which may or may not be integrated into customer operation.


  • Displacement

  • Oil Level

  • Differential Pressure

  • Lubricating Pressure

  • Rotation

  • Lubricating Temperature

  • Oil Dirt

  • Bearing Temperature

  • Torque

  • Oil Humidity

  • Lubricant Flow

  • Vibration

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On-line dashboard of
performance variables.


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