Reliability to all proofs.

Not just incomparable, It is simply insuperable.

The world’s most reliable sugarcane mill drive.

When it comes to a reliable operation for the sugarcane milling process, the Torqmax® drive is the best option on the market, with more than 400 machines operating for almost 30 years in mills in America. Torqmax® delivers high torque with low noise levels, low maintenance costs excellent productivity and extended life time.

The design and production of the Torqmax® is done by an experienced and highly capable engineering team, precise, robust and modern manufacturing processes which guarantee therefore the necessary reliability for the satisfaction of its users, exceeding their expectations.

More ruggedness Torqmax

  • Lower initial investment

    Lower initial investment

  • Higher reliability

    Higher reliability

  • Lower energy consumption

    Lower energy consumption

  • Lower costs of extraction and fewer milling losses

    Lower costs of extraction and fewer milling losses

  • Lower maintenance costs

    Lower maintenance costs

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